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THE PERFECT DIET… doesn’t exist, but this is a good start!

DK’s Body Nourishing 101:

TL;DR: Before #1 on my list of health is listen to your body and give it what it needs, not cheap substitutes. It’s telling you the path to take. :-)

  1. Calories In vs Calories Out!!! - Balance your calories and macros to your WEEKLY average calorie burn and weight goals. The numbers are NOT what you think, so MEASURE THEM!!!

  2. Nutrients! Not calories!!! - Maximize single ingredient foods/food that every ingredient can be seen/easily identified. (Eg sweet potato, salad no dressing, dates, 100% whole wheat bread) [Target ~30% Protein, ~30% Carbs, ~30% Fats] (Body Weight in POUNDS = Max Daily Protein in GRAMS)

  3. Homemade is best!!! - If you can’t count it don’t eat it. Aka if you didn’t make it or don’t know what’s in it avoid it.

  4. Eat Fresh!!! - Start w fresh veggies! Shop produce first. Avoid the aisles and most ready to eat or prepared “foods” especially in packages (singular “ingredients” OK! -> Bagged avocados, oatmeal [Ok]; Chips, Cookies, Frozen pizza, Sweet Cereal [Avoid])

  5. Water!!! - We are 60% water! Drink it! 99% of what you drink in a day should be pure water. (Target: 1 Gallon/day)

  6. Chew your food!!! - Protein Isolate is the only form of calories that should consumed as a drink. Protein is the one nutrient that is more efficient and beneficial in its pure refined form.

  7. Sugar is a Drug!!! - Avoid added sugar/cane sugar, and any ingredients you wouldn’t add if you made it yourself especially high fructose corn syrup.

  8. Eat Whole Grains!!! - Avoid white floor!!!

  9. Supplements!!! - We don’t get all the nutrients we need from the food we eat. Make sure to include age/goal appropriate supplements (eg multivitamin, omegas, probiotics, collagen)

  10. Food is life and a gift!!! - Live a little!!! Avoid “diets”. Don’t be a Nazi! Enjoy it within boundary (See #1!).

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