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My Photo Book

Photography and portraiture have been powerful print mediums for hundreds of years. Leonardo da Vinci began painting the Mona Lisa in 1503. Sadly, now most images are viewed on screens which undo the permanence and constancy which portraits have offered us for centuries. The stately presence of a family member's photo on a wall or even the face of an inspiring public figure on a magazine cover are now reduced to a few seconds between swipes on a screen.

I created a full color high resolution book of my favorite images to allow my clients, friends, and followers a chance to slow down and revisit the emotion and awe instilled by holding a great print in their hand. The power of looking into someone's eyes or seeing the emotion of loving family in a photo that will never change is a gift we should not forget.

Whether you're a client sitting in my studio passing time before your photo session, one of the models in the book sitting at home with your family admiring your own photo, or someone considering whether a photo session is right for you; I hope you enjoy these images and appreciate the attention to detail and effort it took to put them in your hand.

Thank you for your support,


© Darnell Kemp for all images.

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