“Hearing stories told from the mouths of people who know how to live, how to course correct, how to keep going, how to never quit, how to rejoice in the good times and have faith in the bad; those people are masters. Anyone who can do that is a master. And their ability to share their stories only helps the trajectory of others who listen.” - Oprah Winfrey


We invite you to join an open conversation about life hosted by "Life School: Better Today". We will freely discuss hopes and dreams for today, tomorrow, and life in general. The goal is for each person to go away with a flame that moves him/her to be better today than he/she was yesterday and a plan to be better tomorrow than today.


3pm PT/6pm ET - 90minutes

"We max’d out the video call and had people from across the US: North, South, East, West. We had first responders, scientists, ministers, musicians, personal trainers, authors, and a host of inspiring high schoolers."

"It's great. Probably the highlight of my week."

When Life Schoolers come together amazing happens...

This online program is a test pilot for a broader concept titled "Life School: Better Today" which works to prepare and inspire people of all ages to be equipped for life and the achievement of their goals and dreams.


"Life School: Better Today" came from the heart and mind of Darnell Kemp as a way to help people of all ages and backgrounds to always grow toward their true potential.


Darnell Kemp is an MIT and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business alum with a heart for improving the world we live in by drawing together families and helping people reach their potential. He currently leads a national business development team working with the top companies in consumer packaged goods (CPG). His background also includes venture capital, biotech, engineering, and being a licensed high school math & science teacher. His passions include capoeira, guitar, Latin dance, photography, cooking, travel, people, and general fitness.

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