My Perfect Food Day

“BREAKFAST” (1500cals, 60% of Cals):

7am - 1-2 Dates/Cuties (natural sugars)

7-9a - Workout

9am - 50g protein shake and supplements

9:30a - Brunch (Spinach, avocado, cherry tomatoes, 2egg omelette w cheese, 1 slice homemade bread)

“LUNCH” (600cals, 25% of Cals):

11-1p - Fruit

3p - Sweet potato (purple👌🏽) & 50g protein shake

“DINNER” (400cals, 15% of Cals):

5p - Oatmeal

7-8p Training

8p - 50g protein shake [Bonus: nuts, Ezekiel cereal dry]

TOTAL: 2,500 Calories / Day

Carbohydrates: 40% (249g)

Protein: 35% (219g)

Fat: 25% (70g)


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