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Be healthy for half your age???

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Recently, I’ve had conversations with several older people around my life who take pride that they reached the ripe old age of 65, 75, or maybe even 85. But in talking to an 85 year old in my elevator recently about his having run seven marathons and considering whether he had run his last, it made me think “Why be healthy for my age when I can be healthy for someone half my age?”

This year, I have focused on swapping out unhealthy activities with healthy activities, unhealthy habits with healthy habits, and unhealthy foods with healthy foods. In this grand experiment, I stumbled upon a much healthier me. Despite having checked off another 12 months on the calendar, I am physically and mentally YOUNGER than when I started the year. I am measurably faster, stronger, and more flexible and I've gained 10 POUNDS of muscle in as many months.

My progress wasn’t because of life hacks or diets. It was simply me choosing better. I chose things that made me feel rested, energized, rejuvenated, refreshed, and strong. I cut out things that made me feel tired, worn down, beat up, and exhausted. One little choice at a time, a year later I found myself a completely different organism.

I share this not to boast or to brag about my progress, but to challenge you to think about making better choices. It’s not about not drinking Coke, or not having a sugary snack, or not staying up late watching Netflix, or not having that alcoholic beverage, or not waking up tired and drinking that double espresso. It’s about making better choices. It’s about making small better decisions. Then seeing the results and understanding making similar small better decisions tomorrow will have a similar impact.

So, I challenge you to choose the salad; to leave off the dressing; to go to the grocery store and only shop in the produce section then leave; to choose organic over GMO; to prepare 90% of what you eat at home; to stop watching television news and choose less dramatized, politicized, and biased sources; or simply just think a bit about what will make you FEEL BETTER the next day! I challenge you to double the length of your evening walk, to change that walk to a jog or that jog to a run, to fill in your day with the nutrients you're missing, or maybe even join a fitness group or active community.

Perhaps you’re in good health for your age, why not challenge yourself to make a few better choices and be in good health for someone half your age? Here’s to a healthy body, mind, and soul; and here’s to better choices.

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