Magic Off-Schedule/To-Go Foods

Aka "Healthy Snacks" and "Nurishment on the go"...

  1. Kachava - Meal Shakes -Message me for a DISCOUNT CODE! -

  2. Probar - Meal bars💕 - Best pocket size hunger quencher on the market!!! - Whole visible seeds & fruit 🥰

  3. Kate’s Real Food Organic Energy Bars, Non-GMO, All-Natural Ingredients, Gluten-Free and Soy-Free Healthy Snack

  4. Skout Organic Plant-Based Protein Bars Variety Pack (12 Pack) – 10g Protein – Vegan Protein Bars – Only 7 Ingredients or Less – Easy Snack – Gluten, Dairy, Grain & Soy Free

  5. Food for Life - Ezekiel 4:9 - Sprouted Crunchy Cereal - Raisin - Eaten Dry = Great LOW SUGAR carb snack, Add Nuts/Trail Mix👌🏽

  6. Roastery Coast - Daily Nuts Healthy Mix - 7 Premium Mixed Nuts - 3lb Bulk

  7. Perfect Balance Trail Mix - Berrylicious Raw Trail Mix Blend, 10 oz

  8. Whole Foods - Emerald Bay Organic Trail Mix

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