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My Health Story

People ask me all the time how I am in such good shape, good spirits, good company... I myself often wonder how I can be in my life circumstance of the moment and not be completely broken and depressed.


  1. I have faith in God and that he has, does, and will continue to provide everything I need.

  2. I listen to myself/my body and try to understand what it is asking for and what makes me feel the best (food, rest, exercise, community, challenge,…).

  3. I have an amazing community/village around me of family and friends who support and encourage me and help me to stand when I might otherwise just throw in the towel. 🙏🏽

I eat healthy by accident. Because my laziness, desire to be efficient, ability to cook, and life circumstances accidentally landed on a diet that makes me feel good, nourished, and bright. So I took what was working and I started studying why it was working and if there was a way to improve it. Wildly, time and time again, most “experiments” lead me right back to the same answer: “My body was right. Do what’s been working!”

Now I know; if I rest, eat, work, exercise, commune, connect, and learn; I will grow and thrive. And if I ever feel like thriving is not my current state I just need to figure out which of these simply practices I’m neglecting and plug it back in.

It’s amazing how simple the complexity of life becomes when we shut out the noise and just listen. Listen to God. Listen to your TRUE self (that IS God). Listen to the people around you who care for you when you forget to care for yourself (yep, God again). Then you will never be worried about the next step, because you’ll always know it will be the best one for you.


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