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My Health Tech/Devices

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

  1. Apple Watch💕 - My #1 fitness tool

  2. Vyper 2💕 - Vibrating foam roller!!!

  3. Strong💕 - Live set by set workout tracking app for reps, sets, and routines

  4. Wahoo Fitness TICKR Heart Rate Monitor -

  5. Withings Body+ Scale💕 - WiFi enabled autosyncs weight, body fat and other metric to your smart app

  6. Kitchen Scale - Etekcity Luminary - Bluetooth Kitchen Digital Scale, Waterproof, Rechargeable

  7. Noise Cancelling Earbuds - JLab Epic Air Sport ANC True Wireless Bluetooth 5 Earbuds - IP66 Sweatproof - 15-Hour Battery Life, 55-Hour Charging Case

  8. "Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary" - Tracks 50+ nutrients! The detailed "Day Food Report" in this $4 App saved me $100/month in supplements, because I realized I was getting what I needed through food and other sources.

  9. Apple Activity app - Tracks running, yoga, martial arts, and many other non-rep/set workouts

  10. Apple Health app - Tracks heart rates, breathing, and many other helpful metrics

Retired Tech:

  1. MyFitnessPal - Calorie & food tracking app - A simple and fast way to ballpark your intake [RETIRED for limited nutrients tracked]

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