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No really… You don’t fill up your tank after a road trip! You fill the tank before you get on the road! Why would you fill your tank at the end of the journey rather than before the going gets tough?

Have you ever thought about the fact that a heavy dinner is basically packing your body full of calories just before you lay down for bed and let it all sit for 8hrs. Try front loading your day instead!

A light snack (like a couple dates or a tangerine) just as your getting going will give you just enough to start the juices flowing after a good rest. Aka Goodbye Coffee!!! You don’t need it. Then after your morning workout, walk, etc go for a solid nutrient packed brunch full of whole and raw foods. Then from there you just need a few pit stops to keep you going through the day.

Your body burns calories and works to repair itself all night. Morning is the time to refuel the tank and power yourself for the day! Try it! You might realize you have more energy, you make healthier food choices because you fed yourself before you were famished, and you just might realize the morning coffee is actually a fix for a problem you could be avoiding.

A nutrient rich, properly rested, and active life will reward you in ways you don’t imagine. Give it a try!!!

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