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Nutrition Supplements

Updated: Apr 6

Food alone does not give us all the nutrients we need to be our healthiest. A carefully designed supplements regimen helps us provide our bodies with what we need to be at our best.

I've searched, reviewed, and tested 100's of products to find the best available. And I'm always inching the bar higher. Below you'll find my list of the cleanest, purest, most effective, and highest value products I have found in their class and function.

If you're thinking to add supplements, I highly recommend you first enter a few days of your typical diet into a food tracker that tracks all the nutrients you need. Get a good baseline of your vitamin & mineral intake. You may need to supplement more or less than you think.

I recommend "Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary" - It tracks 50+ nutrients! The detailed "Day Food Report" in this $4 App saved me $100/month in supplements, because I realized I was getting what I needed through food and other sources.

My complete supplement plan cost ~$10 per day. It includes necessary vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, and 150 grams of high quality protein from plant and whey. This plan combines perfectly with my raw and whole food focus meal plan to support high energy, mental sharpness, eye health, recovery, weight control, and muscle growth.

Daily Supplements:

  1. IsoPure LowCarb Whey Isolate Chocolate w Multivitamin💕 - Best value on the market ($145/103s, $1.4/serv)

  2. IsoPure Pure Whey Isolate Unflavored ($68/47s, $1.45/serv)